2005 Activities

Degree Advancement

Congratulations to the follwing individuals for their progression in the Knights in 2005:

Third Degree members:

  • Skip Valentine ( Nov )
  • Nick Tretta ( Nov )
  • Tony Elefante ( Mar )
  • Joe Cavanagh ( Mar )
  • Bob Falin ( Mar )
  • Bob Hays ( Mar )
  • Steve Kacenjar ( Mar )
  • James Redding ( Mar )
  • Matthew Ward ( Mar )
  • Thomas Wittick ( Mar )

Second Degree members:

  • Nick Tretta ( Nov )
  • Skip Valentine ( Nov )
  • Joe Cavanaugh ( Feb )
  • Bob Falin ( Feb )
  • Steve Kacenjar ( Feb )

First Degree members:

  • Dave Ellison ( Nov )
  • Nick Tretta ( Nov )
  • Skip Valentine ( Nov )
  • Dan Condron ( Aug )
  • Jack Seifried ( Aug )
  • Andy Welsh ( Aug )
  • Fr. Francis Chambers ( Feb )

Christmas Party

On Saturday, December 10, the Christmas party was held at the Kimberton Golf Club. There was good attendance by the Knights and their wives. The appetizers and dinner were excellent again this year. Entertainment included a tableside magician, as well as music and dancing. Door prizes were handed out this year as well thanks to some generous donors. Presentations included an plaque for former Grand Knight Bill McDonald, and roses for his wife, Karen. A good time was had by all.

The Lord’s Pantry, Downingtown, PA

On November 19, 2005, The Lord’s Pantry, located in Downingtown, Penna., conducted their annual “Thanksgiving Basket” distribution, providing meals for over 100 local families in need. The Lord’s Pantry is the only emergency food pantry in Downingtown and has been serving the community for over 40 years, providing not only emergency food needs, but also conducting Easter, Christmas in July, Back to School, Thanksgiving and Christmas programs.

Starting on Friday November 18th at 7am with a food pick-up at the Shop-Rite in West Chester, and ending On Saturday around 3pm with cleanup activities, Knights from St. Elizabeth Council #13141, along with their wives and children, joined forces with volunteers from throughout the community to help make Thanksgiving a happier experience for the unemployed, disabled individuals and families having trouble just making ends meet.

Over 100 meals were distributed to needy recipients. The “baskets” included everything from eggs, butter, juice, coffee, turkeys with all of the fixings, and ending with pie and ice cream. Our volunteers were instrumental in not only packing these baskets, but also helping to carry them to waiting vehicles. Some Knights also delivered baskets to families unable to pick them up in person.

Jan Leaf, Lord’s Pantry Director, was totally impressed by the enthusiasm and community spirit shown by all of our Council’s volunteers. In fact, Jan has given our Council a nickname “Knights in Shining Armor”.

On behalf of myself (Tony Elefante) and The Lord’s Pantry, I want to send a word of thanks out to the following individuals: Ed Linaugh, Jim Quick, Claire McGee, Elliot and Millie Rosado, Bill Schell, Jim, Pat and Megan Smith, Nick and Barbara Tretta, Ray Williams and Tony and Jo Elefante. A special thank you goes out to Bob Lien who gathered the boxes needed for this event.

Habitat for Humanity of Chester County

On November 19th, 10 brothers donated thier time, labor and talents to help work on two of three houses currently being built by Habitat in Coatesville. We met at the site at 8:30, and the supervisor, Jack described how Habitat works, the selection process for the families, and how much sweat equity (200 hours per adult) the homeowners have to put in before they can purchase their home. After Jack led our group in prayer, and it was time to get to work.   For some, that meant ladder work: cutting and installing foam insulation panels on the exterior walls preparing for the siding. Combined with the 6 inch stud walls, these homes will have an insulation value of about R22 – R23. They should be pretty comfortable in the winter months.

The other crew was busy pounding nails, putting up interior partition walls. We framed three bedrooms, four closets, a bathroom, and a laudry room. In all, we framed the entire 2nd floor of one house. Jack was pleased with our progress, saying it noramlly takes about two days to complete. Not bad for a bunch of guys with varying skills.
We all went home with sore muscles and sense of accomplishment. I’m not sure that we are ready to jump in and help build St Elizabeth’s school, but I think we all learned something from the experience.

Thanks to: John Rogge, Joe Arena, Matt Ward, Pat Donoghue, Rich Turocy, Larry Lyle, Jim Redding, Ray Williams, Steve Kacenjar and Bill Shields.
We’re planning on getting another group out in the spring-April 22nd.   For more information, or to volunteer individually, please visit Habitat for Humanity of Chester county at: www.hfhcc.org.



Saint Elizabeth Parish Dedication

In a word – WOW!   The church is simply beautiful, and God has truly blessed us, “Unless the Lord build this house…”.

On Friday Nov 4th, Saint Elizabeth parish had its dedication. It was great to see our church for the first time and to be a part of the dedication ceremony. It was inspiring to witness everything that was going on: starting with the opening of the church and the procession, joyful singing and music, blessing with water, anointing of the altar and walls, the smell of incense, lighting of the church, and seeing so many priests at the altar.

The Knights were involved with various activities: Tent set up, parking assistance (about 25% of our Council Knights were involved with parking, including one tuxedo clad gentleman), ushers, color corps, luminaries and clean up. In his closing comments, Monsignor Mullin thanked the council knights for all of their work for our parish.

Family Picnic

The annual family picnic was held Sun, Aug 7th, hosted by John and Barbara Batt. There was plenty of food: various appetizers and desserts, and of course grilled brats, hot dogs and hamburgers. It was a great afternoon to relax, visit and meet with the families. There were various lawn games going on and everyone enjoyed the day, including two party crashers-a couple of red tailed hawks.    Thanks again to John and Barbara for hosting the picnic at their home!  Click here for pictures!



Springton Manor

The Springton Manor Project was a joint effort with Chester County Cares Gleaning Program, St. Elizabeth Parish and our Council.  The garden was planted by the 5th grade CCD class in May. Some prep work was done by several brother Knights prior to the planting. About 12 children and their parents participated in the planting, and were given a short lesson on the Patorn Saint for gardening.   The second phase involvement was for St Elizabeth Parish families to do the weeding and picking to promote community. All produce was picked and sent to Chester County Cares to be distributed to those less fortunate.   The park was very cooperative: watering, providing a tiller, and offered to put up a deer fence if needed.



Covenant House Clothing & Towel Drive

We organized and received donations at the Jun 11 & 12 Masses for the benefit of The Covenant House.  The Drive was a great success-We had an overwhelming response from the Parish. Approximately 7 pickup truck loads were collected! Thanks to all who participated in collecting and unloading the clothes, as well as temporary storage.   The Covenant House was extremely surprised and overwhelmed at the generosity. We also received a tour of the facility and were amazed at how much they do and accomplish for the children that stay with them.

Council Officer Elections were held at the June Meeting.

Parking and Shuttle Assistance for tours of the new church was held Sun, Jun 5.

Our efforts were organized by brother Jim Smith.

Chester County Cares-Hunger Awareness Day

The event was held Wed, Jun 1. The Knights participation in set up, helping out and take down was organized by brother Tony Elefante.

Knights served as Ushers for the Confirmation Masses in May.

Annual Golf Tournament

Was held Fri, May 20 at the Kimberton Golf Club. The event was again organized by brother Kevin Borton. Thanks to all who sponsored and participated in the event.

Monsignor Thomas Mullin celebrates his 30th Anniversary

On Tuesday, May 17th, Monsignor Thomas Mullin celebrates the 30th Anniversary of his Ordination into the Preisthood. Congratulations!, and may God continue to bless you on your great work for St. Elizabeth Parish.

Holy Water Dispenser donated to St. Elizabeth Parish

At our May Meeting, the Knights council was pleased to present to Monsignor Mullin a Holy Water dispenser for Saint Elizabeth Parish. Monsignor Mullin blessed the water, read a Gospel, and blessed the Knights with the water.  The dispenser was donated by the Knights of Columbus members by collections made at our council meetings.  Click here for pictures!



PA Association of Retarded Citizens (ARC) Collection

The Knights manned locations at Acme in Exton and Eagle in March and April, for the annual “Measure Up” campaign. This can collection solicits donations for a worthy cause.  The collection for ARC was again a success this year (all Pennsylvania Knights of Columbus Councils participate). Our Council collected over $1800. This was our Council’s third year participating in this event. Many thanks to our generous community!

Communion Breakfast

The 3rd annual Communion Breakfast was held on Sunday April 1st at Stadium Grille in Eagle.   The council recognized and encouraged seminarian John Weber on his continuing his studies at St. Charles.    The Knight of the Year Award went to Bill Schell. Bill has been very active in most council activities, and has shown his support to advancing members by attending most of the degree ceremonies throughout the year.   The Family of the Year Award went to John Batt and his family, in recognition of all their great work they do in the Council and Parish.   Click here for pictures!

The 2005 Council Basketball Free Throw

The Free Throw contest was held on Friday February 4, at the United Methodist Church gym. The following boys and girls were the Council winner’s in their age group:

Age Group Girls Boys
11 Katie Kauffman Kenny Ambrogi
12 Brittany Kenny Anthony Arena
13 Alyssa Long
14 Nicole Kenny

These winners went on to represent St Elizabeth Council at the District Championship on Feb 13 at St Maximillian Kolbe in West Chester.

Pro-Life, Annual March on Washington, D.C.

The Knights helped organize a bus trip for the annual march on Washington, D.C. The event took place on Mon, Jan 24, St. Elizabeth parishioners and Knights participated in the peaceful protest, marking the 32nd anniversary of the Roe v Wade Supreme Court Decision.