Honor Roll

YearGrand KnightKnight Of The YearFamily Of The Year
2021Paul ConverseRay WilliamsThe Widows of our deceased Brothers.
2020Joe BrennanMatt WardVinny and Priscilla Montesano
2019Martin GagneChuck ReimerJames and Louise McAvoy
2018Mark LukendaJeff OultonJohn and Angie Fiore
2017Steve PuccinoMike KasperRandy and Grace Till
2016Dan KeatingPaul ConverseJeff and Liz Oulton
2015John FioreJoe BrennanCharlie and Kathryn Knott
2014Dan CondronPhil ForlanoSteve and Shirley Puccino
2013Jeff CiardiChuck ReimerJohn and Susan Laager
2012Curt ZingaroDoug CoxJim and Louise McAvoy
2011Fred ClarkJim BachoJohn and Debra Rogge
2010Bill SchellBrian GreinerJim and Patty Smith
2009Bill ShieldsCurt ZingaroMike and Pat Kasper
2008Harry Tucci Jr.Dan CondronPat and Patty Donoghue
2007John RoggeJohn RoggeJohn and Angie Fiore
2006Jim SmithJim ReddingElliot and Millie Rosado
2005Chris RuggieroTony ElephanteBob and Cam Hayes
2004Bill McDonaldBill SchellJohn and Barbara Batt
2003Peter Caruso Jim SmthWilliam and Karen McDonald
2002Peter Caruso Ray WilliamsPhil and Laura Forlano