2006 Activities

Degree Advancement

Congratulations to the follwing individuals for their progression in the Knights in 2006:

Fourth Degree members (our newest Sir Knights):

  • SK Dan Condron
  • SK Steve Puccino
  • SK Nick Tretta
  • SK Harry Tucci

Third Degree members:

  • Denis Forrest (Mar)
  • Andy Welsh (Mar)
  • Second Degree members:
  • RJ Dawson (Feb)
  • Steve Puccino (Feb)
  • Andy Welsh (Feb)

First Degree members:

  • RJ Dawson (Feb)

Council Christmas Party

Was held Sat, Dec 16 at the Kimberton Golf Club. A good meal and good time was had by all. Elvis even showed up and provided some entertainment. Thanks to Bob Hayes for hosting again this year.  Click here for pictures!




Pro-life Eucharistic Adoration – St. Elizabeth’s Respect Life Committee

Now a quarterly event, it was held Sun, Oct 15 from 2:00-5:30 PM in the Parish Chapel. Participation from the Knights and St. Elizabeth parishoners was good. Thanks to Harry Tucci for organizing.

St. Elizabeth’s First Red Cross Blood Drive

St. Elizabeth’s First Blood Drive was held Sept 30, and was a resounding success.

We collected 68 usable pints of blood!! That exceeded our goal by 18 pints! I know that many of you came and donated, several for the first time.  I also know that many of you who could not donate had family members do so or offered prayers for our success.  “This was yet another example of the great works done by our council!!” -Dan Keating   Click here for pictures!

St. Elizabeth Parish Education Center Dedication

St. Elizabeth Parish Education Center was Dedicated on September 23. Cardinal Rigali led the ceremonies, and the Knights Color Guard provided escort.






Knights landscaping for a fellow Parishoner in need

We made quite a transformation between 9:30 and 1pm!



2006-2007 Officer Installation

You can view the pictures from the Officer Installation by clicking here!






Annual Council Picnic

Was held Sunday, August 13, again hosted by John and Barbara Batt!


Annual Golf Outing

The annual golf outing and the 4th degreed exemplification took place.
Fun and good cheer was enjoyed by all at this Summer’s Knights of Columbus Golf Outing held at Kimberton Golf Club. There were over 70 attendee’s with everyone getting a dose of warm weather and comraderie. This years event included a number of challenges such as closest to the pin and a casino hole where the challenge was to get your golf ball within a 6 foot circumfrence.   The annual golf event is one of the largest fund raisers of the year for the council. Pirzes were awarded for a variety of challenges and ranged from sports bags to garage door openers donated by fellow brothers.

An exquisite buffet dinner and beverages followed the event which topped off a great day! Our gratitude to Skip Valentine for coordinating and making arrangements as well as for being the key note DJ during the awards and dinner, and to all those who helped in making this a truly successful event. A special note of thanks to Bob Hayes for providing this opportunity at the Kiimberton Golf Course!   (And Thanks to Elliot Rosado for this write-up).

Communion Breakfast

The 4th annual Communion Breakfast was held on Sunday April 23rd at Old County Buffet Downingtown.   The Knight of the Year Award went to Brother Tony Elephante. Tony has been very active as Community Director for our Council this year, leading support efforts for very worthy organizations such as Chester County Cares, and the Lord’s Pantry.   The Family of the Year Award recognized Bob and Cam Hayes, in recognition of all their great work they do in the Council and Parish. Cam regularly serves as a reader at Mass, and Bob has done a great job in hosting two of our large annual events-the Christmas party and the Golf Outing.


PA Association of Retarded Citizens (ARC) Collection

The Knights manned locations at Acme in Exton and Eagle in April and May, for the annual “Measure Up” campaign. This can collection solicits donations for a worthy cause.   The collection for ARC was again a success this year (all Pennsylvania Knights of Columbus Councils participate). Our Council collected over $1700. This was our Council’s fourth year participating in this event. Many thanks to our generous community!

Lord’s Pantry-5K Survival Walk

On a rainy April 22nd, the Knights helped host the Lord’s Pantry-5K Survival Walk Lord’s Pantry-5K Survival Walk on the Struble Trail.

Habitat for Humanity of Chester County

On the same rainy April 22nd (see above), at Habitat in Coatesville, the word of the day was–SHEETROCK. 9 brothers worked hard all day to have the sheetrock hung on one of the houses currently being built by Habitat. The urgency was that the hired (professional) “mud” crew were coming in on Monday. We completed hanging sheet-rock in the garage, upstairs bedroom walls and closets, and also enclosed the basement stairwell.   By the end of the day (with a little overtime thrown in), the house looked ready for Monday’s crew.

Thanks to: Joe Arena, Matt Ward, Pat Donoghue, Rich Turocy, Larry Lyle, Jim Redding, Elliot Rosado, Steve Kacenjar and Bill Shields.

We’re planning on getting another group out soon-stay tuned for details.   For more information, or to volunteer individually, please visit Habitat for Humanity of Chester county at: www.hfhcc.org

Pro Life Rememberance for Brother Joe Cavanaugh

On Saturday Mar 4, 12-15 brothers attended the Pro-Life observance at St. Agnes Church in West Chester, to remember Brother Joe Cananaugh. Joe was a faithful, long time supporter of the pro life movement, and we carried on his mission one more time following his recent death.

The 2006 Council Basketball Free Throw

We had a very successful Basketball Free Throw Championship on January 29, 2006. There were 22 participants and 6 champions were crowned. The following boys and girls won the Council Championship in their age group:

Age Group Girls Boys
10 Brendan Brady
11 Erika Cordivari Matthew Combs
12 Elena Brindley Andrew Murner
13 Christopher Cordivari

2006 Free Throw







Pro Life Adoration

On Jan 22, 2006, the Knights organized and assisted with the parish Adoration from 2 until 7, which was followed by closing prayers, benediction and a short program. The Knights signed up for half hour or longer segments, starting each segment with a group prayer, followed by silent prayers. The Council and the Knights were proud to have a high turnout to support our ProLife initiative and also the first “all day” adoration at our new Church. The event was open to all parishioners, and was well attended.

Furniture Move

Thanks to a generous donation of office furniture from Wendy’s, the Knights were out in force to provide their muscles. On Jan 21st, Along with two moving trucks, multiple pick ups, and SUVs the Knights loaded the furniture from Wendy’s old office location, moved it to St Elizabeth, where it was unloaded and stored until it is ready to be used.

A special thank you to all of those that helped with today’s move. It was great to have so many able but soon-to-be sore bodies to help move some very heavy furniture to the new school. It wouldn’t have been possible without all of your efforts. I am very grateful to all who gave up a piece of their Saturday to help with the move. Thank you all! –Steve Puccino