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2023 Baby Needs Collection for Birthright


Our Council and the Respect Life Committee are jointly sponsoring a Baby Needs Collection at the masses on Saturday, Sept 30 and Sunday, October 1. Donated items will go to the Birthright Centers in Coatesville and West Chester.

We are looking for 2 volunteers to help at each of the masses.  The volunteers would show up 15 minutes before mass and remain 15 minutes after mass. They would collect the donated items and place them in the library.  We won’t need volunteers for delivering the items to the Birthright Centers because we’ve already got help for that part of the project.  




September 30, 2023
Time Slot Mass Times Qty
5:30 PM Mass 1 remaining:  
October 1, 2023
Time Slot Mass Times Qty
11:30 AM Mass 1 remaining: