2020 Football Sweepstakes

COVID-19 isn't stopping our Football Sweepstakes this year!  You have a chance to win one of 250 cash prizes, while supporting our Council and the State Council.

Tickets are $10 each.  Each ticket provides 4 random teams per week, and there are 10 chances to win per ticket.  You will have an entry each week from November 3rd through January 3rd.  Your score is the total number of points for each game per week, which will be compared with all other weekly entries.  The highest 17 and lowest 8 all win cash prizes!

If games are cancelled, our vendor will generate scores using 5-years of historical data, and post those scores weekly on the PA Knights website.

Tickets are available now through October 9th.  We are asking that you purchase your tickets on-line.  After your purchase, an email will be sent to you with you an attachment of your assigned tickets.

If you have any questions, please contact Matt Corbo (football@kofc13141.org).  Thanks for supporting our 2020 Football Sweepstakes this year!

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We will send you an email with the address to mail your payment to. You can also bring your payment to a Council meeting. We must have your order by October 9th!

2020 Prizes!

Highest$40015th Highest$30
2nd Highest$30016th Highest$20
3rd Highest$20017th Highest$10
4th Highest$180Lowest$150
5th Highest$1502nd Lowest$100
6th Highest$1203rd Lowest$80
7th Highest$1104th Lowest$60
8th Highest$1005th Lowest$40
9th Highest$906th Lowest$30
10th Highest$807th Lowest$20
11th Highest$708th Lowest$10
12th Highest$60
13th Highest$50Per Week$2,500
14th Highest$40Total$25,000